Frequently asked questions

When will my ad be online?

Your advertisement will be displayed at the latest by 9am the following business day. The ad will run for one month from the day of purchase.

Can I edit my ad once it is booked?

Yes. You will receive one (1) free change for the month. Changes will need to be sent to and will be updated within one (1) business day. Your ad will then go back to the top of the list.

Do we keep your credit card details?

No. You will only be charged once per ad and we don't keep any credit card details.

Where does the donation go? will donate $1 from each advertisement to the HRV HERO Program.

What is responsible for? is acting solely as an independent website for the buying and selling of standardbreds. We are NOT responsible for any other actions/transactions from either party (buyer or seller) These include: - any information that is false or misleading - any copyright infringements - any fraudulent or unlawful activity - any mistreatment or cruelty towards any horses. - monetary disputes.

Can I cancel my ad?

We encourage you to cancel your ad when it is sold. This will stop you from getting ongoing enquiries. You can also cancel your ad with us for whatever reason whenever you like. Please email us : to do so.

What do I get for $11?

1. Your ad will be displayed on for one month. This website is now in it's 4th year of operation and receives high traffic. 2. We will send an email to "subscribers" on a daily basis which will showcase all "new" horses for sale. We currently have over 600 contacts on our email list. 3. will conduct a social media campaign which will include Twitter: currently has over 1700 followers and @benkrahe has over 3700.